All sessions topics & Instructors subject to change

Pre-convention classes – Wednesday, October 4th

All sessions below are happening at the same time. Only register for ONE

Specialty Contract Wallcoverings $99

Scenics Wallcovering Class $395

WIA/WIS Core Skills Training Day $125

This class is for those beginning their career or those who are wanting to increase their baseline skill set. Join other installers as we learn or refresh the basic nuances of installation. This course is free to current and past WIS students.

Retirement Planning, Social Security & IRA’s Mark Harmon

Deep Dive into Layouts Donna McCoy & Dennis Delpome

Hands-on Hanging 3D Wallcovering

Hands-on with Naturals Donna McCoy & Dennis Delpome

Hands-on Hanging Foils & Mylars Don Purfeerst

Hands-on Touch Ups Amy Anderson & Amy Principe


Friday Sessions

Business Roundtable Discussions

Deep Dive Into Primers, Adhesives & Topcoats

WIA Luncheon

High Level Scenic Education Susan Harter

Marketing Via Social Media

Saturday Sessions

Working with Pasting Machines Marc Shelton & Max Kahn

Hands-on with Inlaid Veneers Lillian Weist

Working Around Obstacles Phil Reinhard

Workflow Management Tony Angello

Cover This! Jennifer Papineau & Allison Dooley

WIA Olympics

WIA Farewell Dinner